Jeden Monat läuft ein Event im Allmandring 1. Ob Chinese New Year, Karneval, Turniere, Flohmärkte und vieles mehr! Das alles wird von unseren Veranstaltungstutoren organisiert. 

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Deria Y.
Deria Y.Event Tutor
Hey guys, my name‘s deria and i study psychology at the IU in stuttgart.
as you can tell by the picture i am not only a „Partymaus“, i am also one of this years event planners :) i’m looking forward to a lot of great events and parties that we are planning for this year and i really hope you are just as exited as me!
Mark Y.
Mark Y.Event Tutor
Hi, I am Mark, I am currently doing my Masters in Computer Science.
I like meeting new people, and getting to know more about then and their cultures, And there is no better place to do that than a big event or a party.
If you have any event Idea or a celebration that you wanna share with the Allmandring 1 community, let’s get together and discuss it.

„A little party never killed nobody“ – A wise man

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